I took my first clay sculpture course in 2016 with Naidee Changmoh. It was one of the most magical and satisfying things I have ever done. It was the perfect way to channel my inner imaginative realm into earthly form. I smile just writing about it. Unfortunately many of my more refined images were lost while transitioning files from one place to another. These ones, however, really capture the playfulness of the whole experience. I ended up with a Dionysian inspired tribe of magical beings. A maenad, a lynxit nymph, and two baby bears. They are currently resting happily in the lush beautiful gardens of my home in Bali.

Making of a Maenad
body taking shape
Making of a Maenad
kiln fires proved a little too hot, yet beauty endured and she came out looking like an ancient relic


Two Baby Bears
these baby bears were such a delight
listening to the language of the flowers
comes from earth, exists in earth, goes back to earth
Bear Hugs
look at those little claws
Lynxit Nymph
the muse of muses – a silent oracle that bridges worlds

BALI 2011-2016

My paintings are not arranged by timeline or series.  I paint what inspires or what needs to be expressed by me in the moment.  I feel that in allowing this spontaneity, greater themes or patterns reveal themselves in remarkable ways that reveal an unfolding that occurs not in linear time, but in spiral time — a revisitation of colours, forms and moods that expand and contract, zoom in and zoom out, shifting continually.  Like puzzle pieces, I can shift the order of the paintings to create juxtapositions and dialogues that awaken new insights and recognitions.  In this way, they are a moving mythology of my inner world.

MOVING LIGHT | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
RAW SENSITIVITY | Oil and brickdust on canvas | 60x60cm
COSMIC LANDSCAPING | Oil and brickdust on canvas | 60x60cm
Sara 2-4-12-2
UP TO YOU | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
HEAT AND LIGHT | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
REMEMBRANCE | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm
THE BONE WOMAN | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
Sara 3-31-12-2
SACRED MIRRORS | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm
TENDERNESS | Oil and pastel on canvas | 50x60cm
THE RHYTHMIC EARTH | Oil and brick dust on canvas | 60x80cm
MIZU | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm
EMANATION: CIRCLE 3 | Oil on canvas | 30x40cm
EMANATION: CIRCLE 2 | Oil on canvas | 30x40cm
PATINA OF LOVE | Oil on canvas | 30x40cm
UNFORMED DESIRE | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm
OH, GEORGIA | Oil on canvas | 160x120cm
A MAN’S PAIN | Oil on canvas | 60x60cm
AN ANCIENT MATTER | Oil and charcoal on canvas | 50x60cm
RESIDUAL UNCONSCIOUS | Oil and charcoal on canvas | 80x60cm
FUNNY FACE | Oil on canvas | 30x40cm
FLESH AND BONE | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm
EMANATION: CIRCLE 1 | Oil on canvas |
UNTITLED | Oil on canvas | 80x60cm
ENGENDERING | Oil on canvas | 80x60cm
Sara 6-23-12
MIDSUMMER GLOW | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
GANGA DEVI | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
Sara 2-11-12
MOVING PARTS | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm / $375
NOSTALGIA | Oil on canvas | 50x60cm / $375
SENSE | OIl on canvas | 30x40cm
MOTHER | Oil on canvas | 60x80cm